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Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research


Professor John Hudson (ILCR & CMEMLL Director)
School of History

Professor Caroline Humfress (ILCR Deputy Director & Postgraduate Convenor)
School of History

Steering Committee

Dr Adam Bower
School of International Relations

Sheriff Lorna Drummond QC
Sheriff, Scottish Courts Service, Justice of the St Helena Court of Appeal

Professor Lorna Hutson (CMEMLL Director)
School of English

Professor Colin Kidd
School of History

Professor Anthony F Lang, Jr (CGC Director)
School of International Relations

Dr Myles Lavan
School of Classics

Professor Nigel Rapport 
School of Philosophy, Social Anthropology, Film and Music

Professor Nicholas Rengger 
School of International Relations

Research Staff & Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Elizabeth Ashford
School of Philosophy, Social Anthropology, Film and Music

Professor Ali Ansari
School of History

Dr Bernhard Blumenau 
School of International Relations

Dr Adam Bower
School of International Relations

Dr Andrew Cecchinato (Research Fellow)
School of History

Mr Bennett Collins (CGC Research Fellow)
School of International Relations

Dr Rory Cox
School of History

Dr Ana del Campo
School of History

Dr Alex Davis
School of English

Dr Adam Etinson
School of Philosophy, Social Anthropology, Film and Music

Dr Will Eves (Research Fellow)
Department of Mediaeval History

Dr Iain Ferguson (CGC Associate Fellow)
School of International Relations

Dr Tim Greenwood
School of History

Dr Sarah Greer
School of History

Professor Knud Haakonssen
School of History

Professor James Harris
Head of Department, School of Philosophical, Anthropological and Film Studies, and Professor of the History of Philosophy

Dr Jon Hesk
School of Classics

Professor Robert Houston
School of History

Dr Konrad Lawson
School of History

Professor Roger Mason
School of History

Dr Mateja Peter
School of International Relations

Dr Malcolm Petrie
School of History

Dr Jacqueline Rose
School of History

Dr Ben Sachs
School of Philosophy, Social Anthropology, Film and Music

Dr Gabriella Slomp
School of International Relations

Dr Attilio Stella (Research Fellow)
School of History

Dr Alex Woolf
School of History

Dr Akhila Yechury
School of History

Associate Fellows

Professor Thomas P. Gallanis (University of Iowa)
Associate Dean for Research, N. William Hines Chair in Law, and Professor of History

Professor William I. Miller (University of Michigan)
Thomas G. Long Professor of Law, University of Michigan

Corresponding Members

Dr Merridee Bailey (University of Adelaide)
Centre for the History of Emotions, Adelaide; Associate Member, Faculty of History, Oxford University

Professor John W. Cairns (University of Edinburgh)
Professor of Civil Law, University of Edinburgh School of Law

Dr Kimberley Czajkowski (University of Edinburgh)
Lecturer, University of Edinburgh School of History, Classics & Archaeology

Dr Rachel E. Holmes (Assistant to the Directors of CMEMLL)
CRASSH/Faculty of English, University of Cambridge

Dr Chloë Kennedy (University of Edinburgh)
Lecturer in criminal law

Dr Kimberley-Joy Knight (University of Sydney)
Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions University of Sydney

Dr Sara Menzinger (Roma Tre)
Substitute Professor of Legal History in the Department of Jurisprudence at Roma Tre

Stuart Pemble
Partner, Mills and Reeve Solicitors

Dr Paul J. du Plessis (University of Edinburgh)
Senior Lecturer in Civil Law and Legal History, University of Edinburgh School of Law

Dr Guido Rossi (University of Edinburgh)
Lecturer in European Legal History, Edinburgh Law School

David Brynmor Thomas (Queen Mary University of London)
Barrister, 39 Essex Chambers, and Honorary Professor in the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London

Current Research Students

Nathan Alexander “Atheists and Racial Thought in Britain and the United States, c. 1850-1914” [Prof. Colin Kidd]

Morag Campbell “Madness and childbirth in nineteenth century Scotland” [Prof. Rab Houston]

Jamie Cumby “The Law Book Publishing Industry in Lyon: 1502-1562” [Prof. Andrew Pettegree]

Richard Daglish “Decolonising White Africa: Examining the Experiences of Algerians and Kenyans” [Dr Stephen Tyre]

Abe Davies “Early modern English poetics and dramaturgy of soul, spirit and ghost” [Dr Alex Davis]

Adam Grimshaw “Anglo-Swedish Commercial Contact and Commodity Exchange in the Seventeenth Century” [Prof. Steve Murdoch]

Helga Hafliðadóttir [Prof. Tony Lang]

Louise Heren “Male Violence in Scotland in the interwar period” [Dr. James Nott & Dr. William Knox]

Joshua Hey “Political Oaths in England” [Prof. John Hudson]

Cory Hitt “Law & honour in medieval Iceland and France” [Prof. John Hudson]

Ingrid Ivarsen “Linguistic form and legal function of early medieval laws” [Prof. John Hudson and Prof. Caroline Humfress]

Saskia Limbach “Government Use of Print in the Holy Roman Empire in the 16th Century” [Prof. Andrew Pettegree]

Alexander Lombardo  “Law in Late Antiquity” (Laidlaw Research Intern) [Prof. Caroline Humfress]

James McMordie “Neoclassical Realism and European Responses to the Ukrainian Crisis” [Dr. Ryan Beasley]

Lina Malagon “Transitional justice, constitutional law and human rights” [Dr. Javier Argomaniz. Second supervisor. Dr. Tim Wilson]

Agnieszka Mikolajczyk “The Past as a Mirror of Present: Ideology in the Kings Sagas” [Dr Alex Woolf]

David Miles “Power Under Law: Sovereignty, State, and the Judicialisation of Representative Democracy in American and German Constitutionalism” [Prof. Tony Lang]

Andreas Papamichail [Prof. Tony Lang and Prof. Patrick Hayden]

Jonathan Paquette “Scottish Unionist and Tory Ideas in the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries” [Prof. Colin Kidd]

Scott Reid “Constitutional Ideas in Scottish Political Thought, c. 1880-1914” [Prof. Colin Kidd, St Andrews and Prof. Ewen Cameron, Edinburgh]

Christof Royer “R2P, the International Criminal Court, and the Struggle against Evil in International Relations” [Prof. Tony Lang]

Jenna Sapiano “Courting Peace: Peace Constitutions and Jurisprudence” [Prof. Tony Lang]

Christiana Spens “Playing the Villain: Understanding the Portrayal and Punishment of Terrorists” [Prof. Alex Danchev and Dr. Gilbert Ramsay]

Zoe Sutherland “The interconnections between legal philosophy and imaginative literature in early modern English drama, and how this relates to questions of freedom and equality in present-day International Human Rights Law” [Prof. Lorna Hutson]

Sarah White: “Legal Arguments and Equity in Church Courts in England in the Thirteenth Century” [Prof. John Hudson]