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Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research

The Laws Two Bodies

The Law’s Two Bodies project, conducted within the Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research, asks the question ‘what is law’, but pursues an answer in a fashion different from typical jurisprudential studies. It examines what legal practitioners do; how they regard law; to what extent they think about law in the abstract.
The title and some of the inspiration for the project comes from Sir John Baker’s book of the same name.

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My Life in Law

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Law and…, Law as…

This project asks questions about ‘what is law’ but pursues an answer in a fashion different from typical jurisprudential studies. It examines the views of scholars from other disciplines who deal with matters of law. The aim is to build up a corpus of interviews with a variety of scholars from a variety of disciplines. 

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Talking Constitutions

A podcast series in which we explore the constitutional arrangements that frame the day-to-day affairs of politics and that affect our lives in a myriad of ways. We have brought together a range of people, including politicians, civil servants, and scholars, to explore that interaction between constitution, politics, and other aspects of life.

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The James Wilson Lectures in Law and Government

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ILCR Seminars

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Civil Law, Common Law, Customary Law

Legal History from a European Point of View

A podcast series meant as a tool to improve the quality of the teaching and learning of legal history.

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The Dispossession Project

Law and Litigation concerning dispossession c. 1050-1250: a comparative study

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2019 British Legal History Conference

The twenty-fourth British Legal History Conference was held in St Andrews, 10–13 July 2019. The organizing team welcomed over 200 delegates to St Salvator’s Quadrangle in St Andrews, where almost 80 speakers across 24 panels and four plenary sessions spoke about the conference’s theme ‘Comparative Legal History’.

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