Other recordings

Comparative Law Workshop 2021
Law in Transmission: The Movement of Practices, Texts, and Concepts across Time and Space, c. 400-1500

All of these recordings are password protected, so those interested in watching should email ilcrsta@st-andrews.ac.uk for access.

Day 1: Professor Bruce O’Brien (University of Mary Washington): ‘Authors, editors, and the transformation of a legal text in the 11th and 12th centuries: the several lives of Cnut’s Winchester code’


Day 2: Dr Simon Corcoran (Newcastle University): ‘Emperor before emperor, code before code: Lex Theodosiana and Lex Iustiniana in ascendance and in eclipse across the early middle ages’

Dr Donatella Tronca (Università degli Studi di Verona): ‘Canonical Collections in Late Antique and Early Medieval Manuscripts at the Biblioteca Capitolare in Verona’

Professor Bart Wauters (IE University): ‘Ius Gentium as a theological concept, from Isidore of Seville to Gratian and the Decretist’

Dr Bernardo Canon Duner (Independent Scholar) ‘Make it come true in Northern Iberia (700-1000)’

Daria Safranova (Moscow State University) ‘Visigothic Law and Charters in the Kingdom of León, c.

Dr Ingrid Ivarsen (University of Cambridge) The Laws of Hlothhere & Eadric and Legal Learning in
Seventh-Century Kent and Wessex


Day 3: Professor Corinne Leveleux-Teixeira (Université d’Orléans): ‘The language of law. Translations of Roman law into French in the 13th century’

Paul D. Murphy (University of Lincoln): ‘From Imperium, Dominium and Iuristicioto Señorío and
Poder de Juzgar: The Vernacularisation of Roman Law at the court of Alfonso X of Castilla y León (r.1252-1284)’

Dr Martin Sunnqvist (Lund University): ‘Not for fear, nor love, nor hate… Independence and
impartiality in judicial oaths of office’

Brage Thunestvedt Hatløy (University of Bergen): ‘The Greetings of God and the King – The European
Connections of the Prologue of the Norwegian Code of the Realm of 1274’

Dr Charlotte Cederbom (Åbo Academy): ‘Legal Culture in Sweden 1300-1450’

Matthew Cleary (University of Edinburgh): ‘The Intersection between Canon and Common law
jurisdiction in English inheritance law during the 1400s’


James Wilson Lecture in Law and Government

The inaugural James Wilson Lecture given by Professor William Ewald  on the subject of “The Forgetting of James Wilson” is now available online and open access here: https://vimeo.com/521928817

Mapping Medieval Legal Manuscripts

The recording of the CLCLCL Project’s Mapping Medieval Legal Manuscripts Webinar is now available online at vimeo.com/475424851

It is password protected, so those interested in watching should email ilcrsta@st-andrews.ac.uk for access.

Sir David Edward and Malik Dahlan, ‘The Breathing Space Project’

Listen to Sir David Edward and Malik Dahlan discuss “The ‘Breathing Space’ Project – Rule of Law Past and Future”, delivered on 22nd September 2020, below:

Sir David Edward ILCR Lecture 2020

Watch Sir David Edward’s lecture ‘Saving the Union…?’, delivered 7th Feburary 2020, here:


The text of the lecture as delivered, subject to revisal, can be accessed here.

Stephen Gethins ILCR Lecture 2019

Watch Stephen Gethins, North East Fife MP’s lecture here:


Jim Gallagher: “A Nation Squeezed Between Two Nationalisms”

Watch Professor Jim Gallagher’s ILCR lecture here: https://vimeo.com/372432299

The full text of the lecture is also available as a pdf here: Jim Gallagher lecture 7 Nov

Daniel Greenberg Lecture: “The Future of the Rule of Law: A Parliamentary Perspective”

Daniel Greenberg, a lawyer specialising in legislation, delivered this topical lecture on the final day of the Supreme Court’s hearing of the case concerning the prorogation of Parliament.

Watch here: https://vimeo.com/364031729

Bruce Frier Lecture: ‘What Held Roman Law Together?’

In this recorded lecture, professor Bruce Frier poses the question, ‘What held Roman law together?’

Watch here: https://vimeo.com/360284247

The Jury on Trial

The ILCR put the institution of the jury itself on trial, with a debate on the motion ‘This house believes that jury trial remains a virtue of the Common Law.’

800 years of jury trial

A conversation between John Hudson and Robert Bartlett about the end of trial by ordeal and the 800th anniversary of the jury trial.

2018 Maurice and Muriel Fulton Lecture in Legal History

Delivered by Professor John Hudson on Maitland, Common Law and Civil Law:


2015 C. Warren Hollister Memorial Lecture

Delivered by Professor John Hudson of the Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research