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The Cambridge Comparative History of Ancient Law

The Cambridge Comparative History of Ancient Law (2 vols, Cambridge University Press. Forthcoming 2019.)

Edited by Caroline Humfress, David Ibbetson and Patrick Olivelle.

This project is the first of its kind in the field of comparative ancient legal history. Working with Dr Michael Sharp (chief editor of Classics and Byzantine Studies at Cambridge University Press),  The Cambridge Comparative History of Ancient Law [CCHAL] comprises an International team of scholars, all of whom are world leaders in the fields of Ancient Greek, Roman, Indo-European, Near-Eastern and Chinese legal history. Working collaboratively and meeting together in a series of symposia and workshops since 2011, the project will culminate in the publication of two volumes of explicitly comparative chapters, spanning five, broadly-defined, ancient legal traditions.
The Cambridge Comparative History of Ancient Law (under contract with CUP, for publication in 2019) will include chapters on “Law as Text”; “Legal Science”; “War, Peace and Relations between Polities”; “Law and the State”; “Law and Religion”; “Legal Institutions”; “Legal Procedure”; “Personal Status and the Family”; “Social Control, ‘Crime’ and Private Redress”; “Property”; and “Contract”.
CCHAL is supported by financial grants from the Maitland Trust, the Leverhulme Trust, Yale Law School and the University of St Andrews.

Photo: Michael Sharp. CCHAL members present at the St Andrews meeting, L-R: Edward Harris (Durham); Ari Bryen (Vanderbilt); Sophie Démare-Lafont (Paris II); Martha Roth (Chicago); Bruce Wells (St Joseph’s University); David Ibbetson (Cambridge); Geoffrey MacCormack (Aberdeen); Michael Gagarin (Texas); Dario Mantovani (Pavia); Mark McClish (Texas); Benet Salway (UCL, London); Robin Osborne (Cambridge); Caroline Humfress (St Andrews); Joe Manning (Yale); Patrick Olivelle (Texas); and Tim Lubin (Washington and Lee).