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Law and …, Law as …

This project asks questions about ‘what is law’ but pursues an answer in a fashion different from typical jurisprudential studies. It examines the views of scholars from other disciplines who deal with matters of law. The aim is to build up a corpus of interviews with a variety of scholars from a variety of disciplines.  The interviews will involve a set of questions posed to all interviewees and then further questions arising from the initial answers or appropriate to each interviewee. At present the purpose is to stimulate thought rather than to produce any publication, and the aim is to create a set of interesting case studies.

The first interviewee was Lorna Hutson, Merton Professor of English Literature at Oxford, on Monday 28 May 2018. A video recording of the interview can be found here (ILCR members’ access only).

Further interviews:

Richard Moyes (Article 36) on 27 Septeber 2018 –  video (ILCR members’ access only).

Hugh Dillon (Former Deputy State Coroner, New South Wales) on 30 October 2018  – video (ILCR members’ access only)