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2021-2022 Academic Year Events

Martinmas Semester, 2021

Week 0:

Friday 10 September, 4.30 – 6pm: “Introduction to Mooting” hosted by the University of St Andrews Law Society [Venue: ‘Can-Do Marquee’, contact [email protected] for details]

Week 1:

Thursday 16 September, 4 – 5pm: ILCR Reading Group, C.L.R James The Black Jacobins: Toussaint L’Ouverture and the San Domingo revolution

Week 2:

Friday 24 September, 1 – 2.15pm: SaintsLaw Seminar, “Economics, Law, History” with João Rafael Cunha (St Andrews) and Montserrat Lopez Jerez (St Andrews)

Week 3:

Thursday 30 September, 4 – 5.30pm: Refugee Law Roundtable, “Forced Migration and Refugee Resettlement in the Long 1940s: A Connected and Global History”. Moderated by Kerstin von Lingen (Vienna) with contributions from Milinda Banerjee (St Andrews), Rana Mitter (Oxford) and Sebastian Huhn (Osnabrück)

Week 4:

Thursday 7 October, 4 – 5pm: ILCR Reading Group, The Black Jacobins…

Week 6:

Thursday 21 October to Saturday 23 October, Conference (with the University of Glasgow) “The Papacy and the Periphery c.1050-c.1300”, including a “Law’s Two Bodies” Interview with Mark Philpott (Oxford) as Archbishop Lanfranc. [contact [email protected] for further details]

Week 7:

Thursday 28 October, 1- 3pm: Lisa Eberle (Tübingen), joint ILCR and ‘Edinburgh Roman Law Group’ seminar, “The Edicts of the Praetors: Law, Politics and Revolution in Ancient Rome”

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Thursday 28 October, 5.30 – 7.00pm: Edda Frankot (Nord University), seminar hosted by the Institute of Scottish Historical Research, “To underlie the law within three tides as sea faring men’: Merchants and mariners before the Aberdeen courts in the later middle ages

Week 8:

Thursday 4 November, 4 – 5pm: ILCR Reading Group, The Black Jacobins…

Week 9:

Thursday 11 November, 5.15 – 6.45pm: Harshan Kumarasingham (Edinburgh), lecture on ‘The Historical Constitution’

Candlemas Semester, 2022 

Week 1
Thurs. 20 January, 4 – 5pm. ‘Reading Group’ 1: Reith Lecture by John McCluskey from the
1986 series “Law, Justice and Democracy” (full details circulated separately)

Week 2
Fri. 28 January, 5 – 6.30pm (In-person). “My Life in Law”, an interview with the Rt Hon.
Lord Campbell of Pittenween [In-person numbers limited – contact [email protected]]

Week 3
Thurs. 3 February, 1.00-2.30pm. ILCR and Edinburgh Roman Law Group Seminar: “The Role of
Time in Roman Criminal Law”, Christine Lehne-Gstreinthaler (Innsbruck)
Registration required via link here:

Week 4
Fri. 11 February, 1 – 2.15pm (In-person / TBC). ILCR Seminar, Helen Duffy (Leiden) [Inperson numbers limited – contact [email protected]] ***POSTPONED***

Week 5
Thurs. 17 February, 4 – 5pm. ‘Reading Group’ 2: Reith Lecture by Patricia Williams from the
1997 series “The Emperor’s New Clothes” (full details circulated separately) ***POSTPONED***

Week 6
Tues. 1 March, 5 – 6.30pm (In-person). Annual James Wilson Lecture in Law and
Government, Ambassador Susan D. Page (Michigan): “Never Ending Wars — Who
Decides?” [In-person numbers limited – contact [email protected]]

Week 7
Thurs. 10 March, 4 – 5pm. ‘Reading Group’ 3: Reith Lecture by Jonathan Sumption from the
2019 series “Law and the Decline of Politics” (full details circulated separately)

Week 8
Thurs. 17 March, 1 – 2.15pm . Book discussion: Dramas at Westminster: Select
Committees and the Quest for Accountability (Manchester, 2020), with the author Marc
Geddes (Edinburgh) now online, MS Teams – with (optional) pre-circulated reading

Week 9
Thurs. 24 March, 1 – 2.15pm. SaintsLaw Seminar: Adam Bower “Preventing an Arms Race
in Outer Space: Current Challenges and Future Prospects” with response by Michael Byers  ***POSTPONED DUE TO UCU STRIKE***

Week 12
Thurs. 14 April, 1 – 2.15pm. ILCR Interview: Michael Byers (British Columbia)