Milos Vec (University of Vienna) Reading Group and Seminar

The next ILCR events take place on Monday 10 October, with the visit of Professor Milos Vec from Vienna  (Institut Für Rechts und Verfassungsgeschichte, Universität Wien)

(i) Reading group: Lunch will be available from 12.30pm in Room 9, 71 South St (Professor John Hudson’s office), and the reading group will begin at 1pm (Old Seminar Room, 71 South Street).

Professor Vec will lead the discussion on nineteenth-century sources of international law based on the attached paper: “Sources in the 19th Century European Tradition: The Myth of Positivism” from the OUP Handbook of the Sources of International Law. (Available here).

Relevant background reading can also be found in the attached chapter from the Oxford Handbook of the History of International Law: ‘”From the Congress of Vienna to the Paris Peace Treaties of 1919″. (Available here).

(ii) Seminar (jointly with Intellectual History): 5.15pm New Seminar Room, St John’s House, 65 South Street: ‘The “Family of Nations”: a rhetorical figure and its ideology’.

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