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Miller Workshop

The Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research will be holding a workshop to mark Professor William Ian Miller’s 70th Birthday.

This takes place on Thursday 28 April at 2.30 pm in the Old Class Library, Department of Medieval History.

There will be three 20 minute papers on topics related to Professor Miller’s research interests, and plenty of time for discussion:

‘Stringer’s Saga: Njal meets The Wire’

‘Silence as a Weapon of Self-Defense in Sense & Sensibility’

‘Bill Miller in the Wild East and the Savage West’

The more formal part of the event will finish by 4.30pm, and will be followed by wine.


Emotions in Legal Practices

Members of the ILCR may be interested in the Emotions in Legal Practices conference, more details of which can be found here:
In addition to hearing from invited speakers, the conference has issued a call for posters for a more novel session in which they ask for poster presentations of research accompanied by a 3-4 minute speed-bite presentation. The aim is to showcase national, international and interdisciplinary research in a dynamic format. In addition to the speed-bite presentations, there will be plenty of time for presenters to answer questions on their research. 
The conference will run 26-28 September in Sydney. It will be followed by a Postgraduate Advanced Training Seminar (PATS) on 29 September convened by David Lemmings (History, The University of Adelaide) and Kathryn Temple (English, Georgetown University). There are travel bursaries available to facilitate attendance at the conference and participation in the PATS. 

Annual Lecture: ‘’Boy meets Gift”

The Centre for Medieval and Early-Modern Law and Literature’s annual lecture, “Boy meets Gift: or, The Uses of Literature”, by Gadi Algazi and Steven D. White, takes place on Monday 18 April, 5.15pm, Parliament Hall.

Stephen D. White is Asa G. Candler Professor Emeritus of Medieval History at Emory University. His interests include the social, legal, and political history of medieval France and England, with a focus on the study of disputes and dispute-processing, violence, law and literature, and the interdisciplinary study of medieval European legal and political culture. He is the author of Custom, Kinship, and Gifts to Saints: the Laudatio Parentum in Western France, 1050-1150Sir Edward Coke and the Grievances of the Commonwealth, 1621-1628Feuding and Peacemaking in Eleventh-Century France; and Re-Thinking Kinship and Feudalism in Early Medieval Europe.

Gadi Algazi is professor of history at the Department of History, Tel Aviv University. His research interests include late medieval and early modern social and cultural history; historical anthropology; the history and theory of the social sciences; settler colonialism and frontier societies. He is currently completing a book on the shaping of scholars’ way of life and habitus between 1480 and 1630. Two recent publications from this project are “At the Study: Notes on the Production of the Scholarly Self,” in: Space and Self in Early Modern European Cultures, David Warren Sabean and Malina Stefanovska, eds. (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012), and “Johannes Keplers Apologie: Wissensproduktion, Selbst­darstellung und die Geschlechterordnung,” in: Wissen, maßgeschneidert: Experten und Experten­kulturen im Europa der Vormoderne, Björn Reich, Frank Rexroth & Matthias Roick, eds. (Munich: Oldenbourg, 2012).



New Institute Events- (Updates)

Two new events have been added to the ILCR’s programme of activities for this semester:



‘Transgression: A Workshop to mark the 70th birthday of Professor Bill Miller.’

Thursday 28 April 2016: 2.30pm-4.30pm

Old Class Library, St John’s House: 



‘The Real Work of International Law’

Monica Hakimi (University of Michigan Law School):

Tuesday 21 June 10.30 a.m. (venue TBC)