Current and Recently Completed PhD Students

Current and recent PhD students with topics relevant to legal and constitutional research include:

Nathan Alexander “Atheists and Racial Thought in Britain and the United States, c. 1850-1914” [Prof. Colin Kidd]

Morag Campbell “Madness and childbirth in nineteenth century Scotland” [Prof. Rab Houston]

Jamie Cumby “The Law Book Publishing Industry in Lyon: 1502-1562” [Prof. Andrew Pettegree]

Richard Daglish “Decolonising White Africa: Examining the Experiences of Algerians and Kenyans” [Dr Stephen Tyre]

Abe Davies “Early modern English poetics and dramaturgy of soul, spirit and ghost” [Dr Alex Davis]

Will Eves “The Assize of Mort d’Ancestor from Glanvill to Bractonc. 1188-1230″ [Prof. John Hudson]

Diana Florez, “Transitional justice: a priority for whom? A comparative study of the demands of the victims in the Colombian context”  [Dr Roddy Brett and Dr Tim Wilson]

Sarah Greer “Memory and identity in Ottonian female monasteries, 850-1024” [Prof. Simon MacLean]

Adam Grimshaw “Anglo-Swedish Commercial Contact and Commodity Exchange in the Seventeenth Century” [Prof. Steve Murdoch]

Helga Hafliðadóttir [Prof. Tony Lang]

Louise Heren “Male Violence in Scotland in the interwar period” [Dr. James Nott & Dr. William Knox]

Joshua Hey “Political Oaths in England” [Prof. John Hudson]

Cory Hitt “Law & honour in medieval Iceland and France” [Prof. John Hudson]

Ingrid Ivarsen “Linguistic form and legal function of early medieval laws” [Prof. John Hudson and Prof. Caroline Humfress]

Saskia Limbach “Government Use of Print in the Holy Roman Empire in the 16th Century” [Prof. Andrew Pettegree]

James McMordie “Neoclassical Realism and European Responses to the Ukrainian Crisis” [Dr. Ryan Beasley]

Lina Malagon “Transitional justice, constitutional law and human rights” [Dr. Javier Argomaniz. Second supervisor. Dr. Tim Wilson]

Marta Miller, “The Past as a Mirror of Present: Ideology in the Kings Sagas” [Dr Alex Woolf]

David Miles “Power Under Law: Sovereignty, State, and the Judicialisation of Representative Democracy in American and German Constitutionalism” [Prof. Tony Lang]

Andreas Papamichail [Prof. Tony Lang and Prof. Patrick Hayden]

Jonathan Paquette “Scottish Unionist and Tory Ideas in the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries” [Prof. Colin Kidd]

Scott Reid “Constitutional Ideas in Scottish Political Thought, c. 1880-1914” [Prof. Colin Kidd, St Andrews and Prof. Ewen Cameron, Edinburgh]

Christof Royer “R2P, the International Criminal Court, and the Struggle against Evil in International Relations” [Prof. Tony Lang]

Jenna Sapiano “Courting Peace: Peace Constitutions and Jurisprudence” [Prof. Tony Lang]

Christiana Spens “Playing the Villain: Understanding the Portrayal and Punishment of Terrorists” [Prof. Alex Danchev and Dr. Gilbert Ramsay]

Sarah White: “Legal Arguments and Equity in Church Courts in England in the Thirteenth Century” [Prof. John Hudson]

Zhu Xiaojing “Roman Law” (Visiting PhD Student from Jan 2017) [Prof. Caroline Humfress]