2018–2019 Academic Year Events

 Martinmas Semester 2018

Centre for Global Constitutionalism Lecture

“Deciding how we are allowed to kill each other – controlling weapons in international law”

Richard Moyes (Article 36)

26 September (5pm, Arts Lecture Theatre)

Law and…, Law as…

Interview with Richard Moyes (Article 36).

September 27 (12.30pm lunch, Room 9 71 South Street, 1pm Old Class Library)

Institute of Intellectual History Seminar

“The Authority of Office”

Janet MacLean (Auckland)

October 2 (5.15pm, Room 1.10 St Katharine’s Lodge)

ILCR in association with the Constitution Reform Group and These Islands

“The Union: Past, Present, and Future”

Speakers include Lord Salisbury, Gisela Stuart, Daniel Greenberg, and Paul Silk.

October 18 (3pm–6.30pm, Parliament Hall)

Institute of Intellectual History Conference

After Pufendorf: Natural law and the passions in Germany and Scotland

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October 24-27 (Parliament Hall)

The Law’s Two Bodies

An interview with Paul Seils

October 26 (4pm, Old Class Library)

The Law’s Two Bodies

11.30am: Interview with Dame Elish Angiolini

2.00pm: Interview with Sir John Baker/Sir Edward Coke

October 27 (Old Class Library)

ILCR Seminar

“Law in theory and law in practice”

Hugh Dillon (Sydney)

October 30 (12.30pm lunch, Room 9 71 South Street, 1pm Old Class Library)

ILCR Lecture (with Student Law Society)

“Tales from the Coroner’s Room”

Hugh Dillon (Sydney)

October 30 (5.15pm, New Seminar Room)

Centre for Global Constitutionalism

“Old and new models of post-conflict justice: Experiences from international(ised) courts”

Beti Hohler (International Criminal Court)

November 21 (5pm, Arts Lecture Theatre)

Institute of Intellectual History

Istvan Hont Memorial Lecture

“Rousseau’s Republican Citizenship”

Robin Douglass (KCL)

November 26 (5.15pm, Room 1.10 St Katharine’s Lodge)