2018–2019 Academic Year Events

 Martinmas Semester 2018

Centre for Global Constitutionalism Lecture

“Deciding how we are allowed to kill each other – controlling weapons in international law”

Richard Moyes (Article 36)

26 September (5pm, Arts Lecture Theatre)

Law and…, Law as…

Interview with Richard Moyes (Article 36).

September 27 (12.30pm lunch, Room 9 71 South Street, 1pm Old Class Library)

Institute of Intellectual History Seminar

“The Authority of Office”

Janet MacLean (Auckland)

October 2 (5.15pm, Room 1.10 St Katharine’s Lodge)

ILCR in association with the Constitution Reform Group and These Islands

“The Union: Past, Present, and Future”

Speakers include Lord Salisbury, Gisela Stuart, Daniel Greenberg, and Paul Silk.

October 18 (3pm–6.30pm, Parliament Hall)