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Atelier Doctoral at the École Française in Rome

On February 18-23, the Civil Law, Common Law, Customary Law project team travelled to Rome, where project director Professor John Hudson, senior researcher Professor Emanuele Conte, project post-doctoral researchers Dr Andrew Cecchinato, Dr Will Eves, Dr Attilio Stella and Dr Sarah White, and doctoral researchers Dan Armstrong and David de Concilio participated in the Atelier Doctoral at the École Française, on the theme: ‘Dal caso alla regola, dalla teoria ai fatti: alle radici della cultura giuridica europea‘.

The doctoral week provided the opportunity for PhD and early career researchers to present their research and act as discussants to papers delivered by other attendees. Professor John Hudson delivered a keynote lecture on the subject of Learning from casuistic approaches to Common Law. Dan Armstrong gave a paper entitled Politics, Law, and Ecclesiology in Anglo-Papal relations, and David de Concilio presented on the topic of Dialectic in the development of medieval legal thought: a European history.The event was attended by a number of senior scholars from around Europe, who offered advice and support to the junior scholars who were present.

The week was punctuated by a visit to Ostia Antica on Wednesday 20 February, during which the Atelier Doctoral delegates were given a guided tour of the ancient Roman site. On the evening of the 21 February, the delegates were kindly welcomed to Le Palais Farnèse, the French Embassy in Rome, and given a tour of the library of the École Française, which is located in the building.

Talking Law: ‘The Jury on Trial’

In England on 26 January 1219 a royal order was issued to the king’s travelling justices, to
put into effect the decree of a Papal Council that had the effect of abolishing trial by ordeal.
The need for a new mode of trial in criminal cases ended up with the use of jury trial, for so
long a defining characteristic of English Common Law.

On 11 February 2019, at 7pm in the Arts Lecture Theatre, the Institute of Legal and
Constitutional Research will put the institution of the jury itself on trial, with a debate on the
motion ‘This house believes that jury trial remains a virtue of the Common Law.’

Speakers will include the barrister, broadcaster and writer Harry Potter.

The event is open to the public.

7 pm on 11 February 2019 (Arts Lecture Theatre)

You can read more about the use of ordeals here, where Dr Will Eves discusses the practice: