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Talking Law: ‘The Jury on Trial’

In England on 26 January 1219 a royal order was issued to the king’s travelling justices, to
put into effect the decree of a Papal Council that had the effect of abolishing trial by ordeal.
The need for a new mode of trial in criminal cases ended up with the use of jury trial, for so
long a defining characteristic of English Common Law.

On 11 February 2019, at 7pm in the Arts Lecture Theatre, the Institute of Legal and
Constitutional Research will put the institution of the jury itself on trial, with a debate on the
motion ‘This house believes that jury trial remains a virtue of the Common Law.’

Speakers will include the barrister, broadcaster and writer Harry Potter.

The event is open to the public.

7 pm on 11 February 2019 (Arts Lecture Theatre)

You can read more about the use of ordeals here, where Dr Will Eves discusses the practice:

The Law’s Two Bodies

An event was held in St Andrews on 28 October to reflect on the first two years of the ‘Law’s Two Bodies’ project. Three new interviews took place, with Paul Seils, Dame Elish Angiolini, and lastly with Sir John Baker in the guise of Sir Edward Coke. All these interviews, together with an introductory talk by John Hudson, are now available for viewing. Participants agreed that the archive of interviews should continue to be built up, for its own sake and as a possible resource for writing on a variety of subjects.

It was also agreed by some participants that their interviews would be made generally available instead of being limited to members of the ILCR. For those that are generally available, see